Presentation of songs on youtube

  1. Choose an English-speaking artist/group
  2. Find their song on youtube
  3. Find and print out the lyrics of the song (on Google)


Presentation of your song:

  1. Name of the artist
  2. Title of the song
  3. What the song is about (read the lyrics at home and tell us the story)
  4. Why you like it (explain why it's good)
  5. Play the song on youtube

7:2 & 7:4 Questions about an artist/music group

What is the name of the artist/band?

What kind of music do they play?

What instrument/s do they use?

Where are they from?

How long have they been playing? J

Which year did they release their first album?         

How many members do they have?

Which is their most famous song?

How many albums have they released?

How long have they been interested in music?

Where do they play?


7:1 & 7:3 Questions about an artist/music group

7:1 & 7:3

Questions which you can use when writing about your group/artist

What's the name of the band?

What kind of music do they play?

How long have they been playing?

How many songs have they recorded?

How old were they when they started?

Which country do they come from?

What instruments do they play?

Do they have many fans?

How many members are they?

What's the real name of the members/artist?

In which festival do they take part?

Do they like to be famous?

Who do they admire ?

What is their most famous song?

Who is the oldest?

If they are male or female?

Do they have a website?

Are they married?

Have they been in Sweden?

Are they planning to go on a tour?


Week 41

Presentation  of songs on youtube
Rehearsal for an audition, p. 11

Music - some useful words, pp. 12-13
Pictures, Worksheets 2A & 2B
A Picture Story, Worksheet 4

The Story of U2, pp. 14-15
Questions about a music group

My music isn't yours, p. 16-17
Phrases used to express opinions

Reading: pp. 10-11, ex. 6, 7, 10
Words and phrases: p. 9, ex. 5

Unit 1 Music

English Year 7 Unit Plans

Unit 1




What are we going to do?                                      

•·        Learn words for instruments.

•·        Learn words and phrases connected with music/artists.

•·        Listen to songs.

•·        Talk, read and write about music/artists.


Why are we learning this?                                     

  • To be able to talk and write about the music you like
  • To understand when people talk about music
  • To be able to write a description of an artist/music group
  • To read and understand a text about an artist/music group

When are we going to do it?            w. 37-42

What should I study?

                                            Wings 7 Textbook Section 1 pp. 7-25

                                            Wings 7 Workbook Section 1 pp. 5-28

How can I show what I have learned?                

  • Take part in class discussion/exercises
  • Write a story about your favourite artist/group
  • Pass the test

When do I need to turn in my story? w. 41:        Class 7:1 +7: 3 Tues, 7 Oct

Class 7:2 + 7.4 Fri, 10 Oct

When shall we write the test? w. 42:                     Class 7:1 +7: 3 Tues, 14 Oct

Class 7:2 + 7.4 Fri, 17 Oct

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