Unit 1 Music

English Year 7 Unit Plans

Unit 1




What are we going to do?                                      

•·        Learn words for instruments.

•·        Learn words and phrases connected with music/artists.

•·        Listen to songs.

•·        Talk, read and write about music/artists.


Why are we learning this?                                     

  • To be able to talk and write about the music you like
  • To understand when people talk about music
  • To be able to write a description of an artist/music group
  • To read and understand a text about an artist/music group

When are we going to do it?            w. 37-42

What should I study?

                                            Wings 7 Textbook Section 1 pp. 7-25

                                            Wings 7 Workbook Section 1 pp. 5-28

How can I show what I have learned?                

  • Take part in class discussion/exercises
  • Write a story about your favourite artist/group
  • Pass the test

When do I need to turn in my story? w. 41:        Class 7:1 +7: 3 Tues, 7 Oct

Class 7:2 + 7.4 Fri, 10 Oct

When shall we write the test? w. 42:                     Class 7:1 +7: 3 Tues, 14 Oct

Class 7:2 + 7.4 Fri, 17 Oct


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