Test - Unit 3 "Food" Week 8

  • This is what you need to learn before the test:

•-          listening comprehension about things in the kitchen (use your CD)

•-          words for food and things in the kitchen (American and British) Textbook, pp. 58-59

•-          phrases used when talking about food - Textbook p. 60-61, 68

•-          typical British and American dishes - Textbook pp. 70-71

•-          explaining in English how to make a Swedish dish - Textbook pp. 72-74, Workbook, ex. 36, p71

•-          grammar - questions with do, does and did; nouns in plural (e.g. child-children); genitive (my father's car, the colour of the flag) - Workbook, pp. 73 - 80


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