Class 7:2 & 7:4 Week 13



Task 3


Read Chapters 5 & 6.

•I.                    Are these sentences True or False?


  1. David likes his job.
  2. David lives with Mr Micawber.
  3. David rides to Dover.
  4. Miss Murdstone rides to Dover in a cart.
  5. Miss Trotwood likes the Murdstones.
  6. Miss Trotwood is kind to David.
  7. Mr Wickfield is a lawyer.
  8. David likes his new school.


•II.                  Find and correct the five mistakes in the description of Mr Micawber.


Mr Micawber wears dark, old clothes and has thick, grey hair. He takes David home to meet his wife and children. He has a big house with lots of furniture. Mrs Micawber tells David that her husband is a stupid man. He never has any money. One day, Mr and Mrs Micawber are taken to prison because they have stolen money.

Read Chapters 7 & 8


•I.                     Are these people friends? Why (not)?


  1. Mr Micawber and Uriah Heep
  2. David and Agnes
  3. Emily and Ham
  4. Agnes and Uriah Heep
  5. Dora and Miss Murdstone

•II.                  Discuss these questions using at least 50 words for each answer. You may want to discuss them (in English) with another student before you write your answers down.


  1. Why does Emily say that she is bad?
  2. Why does Agnes dislike Steerforth?
  3. Will Dora or Agnes be abetter wife for David? Why?


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